Thursday, May 31, 2012

Minogue, Dempsey, and Bit Rot

Lorcan Dempsey posted a piece (here) last week which noted that his posts were coming up in top-seeded positions on such keyword searches as "systems environment" in Google. I've noticed this with my own posts -- even ones over a year old, such as my Bit Rot Reviews, end up emerging in top slots when searching for such seminal albums as "knurl nervescrap". So I get contacted fairly regularly to review noise albums, even though I haven't published a review since, um, July (I'm planning on resurrecting it again, but I noised myself out last year for a wee bit, and needed a breather).

So yes, navel gazing. Truth is, I know I'm not an important enough critic to receive this placement in reviews for a Knurl work (admittedly I own too many of them, but I'm certainly not his biggest fan...). There have to have been reviews published in print form back in the 90s, when it was released...but none of these seem to have entered the digital realm. For more mainstream artists, this unbalanced result-weight toward blogs probably doesn't matter as much.