Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why I am an inconsistent blogger?

I spend too much time reading blogs.

Particularly, today, I have been reading about Twitter. I think it's well on its way to implosion now, so any comments I have to say about it are moot. I have a longer post saved as a draft, which I'll abandon.

The gist: Web 2.0 communication can reach a level of ridiculous overload. I don't think there is a need for Twitter. I don't think it has uses for libraries (maybe the embedding of chat reference status into the library homepage...but that's a service that is better handled by another sort of system, not the Twitter methodology). It might be nice for some people seeking to update others on their status; in some situations it might be useful (loud, web-like congregations such as SXSW or perhaps academic conferences might be testbeds) but I can't see myself using it.

And I'm more than a month behind the times in responding to it.

Hello! I'm Sam and welcome to my site. I did this blog as a task for Articles International, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you would like to hire me, just use the contact form found on this page. Below is my personal Curriculum vitae, and some samples of sites and web content I posted earlier.

Graduated with distinction from McGrade University
14 years of marketing and advertising experience (in particular for Electronic customers)
6 years of website development experience.
Competent, goal-oriented employee with a taste for particulars.

Employment Experience.
Articles International,2007 - Present
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